You never know when it can hit.

randall krippner

We're still in recovery mode here after the "big one" hit us this past weekend here in NE Wisconsin. We knew the storms were coming but no one had any idea they were going to be this bad. We experienced straight line winds in excess of 80 MPH, with National Weather Service radar indicating some winds were in excess of 100 MPH in some locations, plus 9 tornadoes. Roads were blocked with multiple trees and power lines, up to 300,000 people lost power, including entire towns. Some won't have their power back until Wednesday or even longer. The utility companies are scrambling to replace lines, poles and transformers. Fortunately it looks like no one was seriously injured. It could have been a hell of a lot worse. We got lucky here. We were on the southern edge of the system and while we had winds of about 70+ mph damage here was minimal and the town didn't lose power, but almost everyone around us did.

It was certainly a reminder of why I regularly test run the generators, have fresh fuel for them, and need to make sure we have water, medical supplies, tools, etc. on hand and ready to go. 

Chris Warren/

And to expand on this a bit, rotate your generator fuel. Keep the generator in a handy place and not buried under a pile of junk.