Raspberry - Two minor issues with the new Pi4

randall krippner

The Pi is a great little computer and it seems I'm not the only one here who plays with them, so I thought I'd pass along this info about the new Pi4.

Most people know about this already, but I'll mention it anyway. Because of a manufacturing defect (a resistor on the USB-C power connector is missing) not all USB-C chargers/power supplies will properly power the Pi4. Not a big deal. Just use your search engine of choice to track down what power supplies will work properly with it before you buy one.

The other could be a bit more serious. It's heat. The Pi4 is considerably faster and more powerful than the 3 was, and as such it generates considerably more heat as well. (I had heat problems with my Pi3's in certain applications so I'm not surprised). There have been reports of it overheating, especially when mounted in small, badly ventilated cases. It looks like using the standard case for the Pi4 is not a good idea. It just doesn't have enough ventilation to keep it cool. You should consider at the very least to mount a heat sink on the CPU, and preferably rig up a small fan.

I haven't bought a Pi4 yet myself, I'm still using the 3s around here and I haven't had any need (as yet) for the extra horsepower, so i haven't looked into this in depth. Just thought I'd pass it along