sticky New Off-Grid Comms HAMS Database


This database will make it easier to map out HF coverage for members wishing to participate in building an OffGridComms Net. 

Those not wanting to share their callsigns in the open, might consider using the Zello App Channel to make contact with only those they wish to divulge it to.

Table is visible to members only and you can edit your own info anytime.


If you do not want your FCC callsign in the DB, but do want to work on establishing a grid down network with people on the list I have the following option for you.

1. create a Zello (Z-net) username an join the Z-net channel at:
2. put <private> for your FCC callsign in the group DB., 

This will allow you to remain anonymous n the internet, but allow fellow group members to request your FCC callsign via the secure Z-net and if you wish to try a contact on HF you can share your callsign individually with members.

If you have no intent on connecting via radio, then do not add your name to the DB, it's not a list of HAMS, but a list of group HAMs that wish to establish an off-grid network.

Hope that is clear enough?  Thanks to those who have already signed up and are working on establishing said network, and to those who will in the future.

-73 DE K7JLJ