gARIM file exchange mode????

Greek Man

found this on AMRROn's papers

" It also gives you a file you could send over flamp or gARIM."

but i can get no google hits on it....

randall krippner

Greek Man, I'd never heard of it either until you mentioned it,  so I did some digging. It looks like it is relatively new (maybe?), and from the very, very few references I've found, it doesn't seem that a lot of people are actually using it. Looks like it might be an open source/public domain alternative to WinLink? Maybe? You can find out more about it at:

ARIM is "Amateur Radio Instant Messaging". (gARIM is the same thing but with a graphical user interface front end) It's a text messaging system requiring a computer, ARDOP and a compatible TNC. It supports both text and binary type files so theoretically you could send just about anything to another radio operator. Lots of message system goodies like mailboxes, sending messages to specific call signs, etc.

After spending about 20 minutes trying to get through the documentation though, I gave up. Anything this complicated is not something I want to get involved with. By the time I figured out how to use this thing, the person I'm trying to send a message to will have died of old age, or I would.

Justin, KG7CNE

It uses the ARDOP tnc to facilitate digital communication with other stations. You can use it to send messages, transfer files, keyboard to keyboard chat, beaconing, and some other “auto” response type stuff. There is a fork called gARIM that has a GUI, and is a lot more user friendly compared to terminal only version. I use gARIM, and they are cross compatible.