John Orchard

Just saying the content lately does not reflect off grid communications. I joined the group for educational reasons. Admittedly philosophical discussions were not something I thought this forum was for.  jay ve3jlo. 


As stated on the group page and in several posts of mine, content is driven YOU the group members.  It's not here to spoon feed people, but to get a conversation about off-grid comms.

John and anyone else feeling the same way...
Here is my challenge to you... "What do you want to talk about concerning off grid comms?"  Make a post asking the question and let's discuss it.

It's called a group, because everyone has the same rights and should be wanting to contribute.  Don't like the topic, start one you do.  We have the ability to make subgroups also, so I might do that for and posts instead of sticking them into the general mailing list.

Like I tell everyone at work... "don't bring me a problem without your solution."  

This should be a potluck not a spoon feeding peoples. :)


So I created a subgroup called "PREPPER / SURVIVALIST MINDSET" in response to this post. 

When you login at: ( ) you will see on the left menu "Subgroups", click that and join if that's your thing.  Only members of can see the group or join and archives are not readable to anyone outside of the subgroup.

Going forward, if your topic seems to be wider than "OFF GRID EMCOMMS", please use the new subgroup to post it.