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David Huff

I think you need to consider splitting your files into 2 distinct groups.  Operating system backups, and important data files. My use below is based on a cheap home Network Attached Storage (NAS).

For the PC operating system:

If you have ever tried to restore a PC operating system, you will learn that this is a task that usually takes a long time to complete, and frequently results in broken files or extra effort in reconfiguring your PC after.  Backups also miss any updates due to windows update or similar update systems.  Note that there is also usually only three reasons to do this. #1, you got a virus, in which case you should probably format the PC and install only the latest known good OS software, do not corrupt your backup by hooking an infected PC to your storage backup.  Or #2, the PC died, and you are migrating all your old stuff on a new PC, which probably has a different version of the OS installed.  #3, you are making a radical change to your OS, in which case a backup is good, but only valid for a short time.

I have in the past backed up an operating system to my local storage, but it did not gain me much, I still spent way too much time reconfiguring.   If my OS gets corrupt, I just reinstall, and avoid backups.


For the important data files:

You should keep copies of your documents, manuals, and custom files, but those should be stored on a central location like a NAS or server, which is usually easier to backup than individual computers and not tied to a specific device.  I can easily copy the file onto my PC, edit it, and resave to the NAS when done, but I avoid saving anything only on a local PC.  I now have learned to keep a digital copy of each manual or reference document stored on a small NAS in my house, along with a folder containing the last 2 or 3 versions of the setup/install files for the unique ham radio software programs I need.  If you are installing for reasons #1 or #2 above, just start with a fresh clean up to date OS, then run the setup files for your ham radio related applications, and copy the files as needed.  You can also quickly copy those files onto a thumb drive, phone, or new PC easily if you need to leave the house.


Having moved a couple times, I got rid of paper manuals to save on storage space.  No internet required outside of your house.  I have a home network attached storage (NAS), which is about the size of a loaf of bread, and holds all this stuff. 





Thanks for the separation idea!

This is my plan for now.


For raspbian i use the clone card option with my pi and i update the settings on the backup when neccessary.   Being relatively new to linux, i have made several mistakes.  I keep important files and programs on separate usb sticks.  I also keep backup images on another usb stick.  I prefer to keep light and small on as much as I can. 

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Thanks for the separation idea!

This is my plan for now.