Best HT for scanning?


I'm in the market for a nice HT that has the fastest scanning available.  Scanning channels mostly, but band width scan would be nice also, along with CTSS scanning.

Dual receivers is icing, dual watch will work.

My only candidate is the Kenwood TH-D72A at this point.

I'm not brand loyal and would prefer something less expensive if possible.

Any suggestions?


I had a TH-D72A and it was nice the TNC for APRS and WinLink and, to be honest, somewhat regret trading it away. But, traded it for a well used 480Sat which is also a great radio. 

My HT is an ID-51A Plus. It doesn’t have a TNC and DStar doesn’t really appeal to me so I don’t use it. Scanning AM aviation band, up to marine band VHF and full 70 cm scan. Great Tx and Rx. Fast scanning. 

Its an expensive HT, though. I’m interested to see what others suggest.


If you just want to add a TNC to your current HT, then check out
I've been using this one for APRS with my Baofeng, with no issues while working SATs, cables sold separately.