818/817 power levels for digital

randall krippner

I'm new to the 818/817 line of transceivers and I know some of you have far more experience with the transceiver and I have a question about transmit power levels. The general rule of thumb when using digital modes with my other gear has always been to use 50% power or less or it risks overheating the finals, so I haven't pushed the 818 past mid-range, about 3 watts. But is that really true? 

Wayne Francis <w3hiz@...>

I always followed that rule because digital modes are like holding your morse key down- it is a full duty cycle mode.
I ran a Flex-1500 and had alot of fun with digital modes and that was before the newer ones available now.
I did find that accessing Winlink was difficult, but I am sure that is because of my location.
I hope this helps, hey have fun!
de W3HIZ

randall krippner

Thanks Wayne. That's what I thought as well. I've been running the 818 with digital at 3 watts or less and with my full power rigs I keep it dialed down to half power or less. I really hate having to replace power transistors