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When you hear EmComms in HAM circles, do you envision a room or tent full of HAM gear or "EmComm Go Boxes" setup to be the inter-tie between LEO/EMS units and people needing help as part of a regional rescue effort? That's my vision of the standard EmComms definition, but that's not "Off-Grid Comms" or what this group is about, although there is crossover between the two.  What I want this group to be about is more than a "command unit" setup mentality. I want a place for those who see HAM radio as the last chance at regional communications should normal grid power become unavailable.  Be it for a few days due to a storm, or a year from an organized attack on the power grid, the ability to communicate via VHF/HF will be critical in grid-down times. True preparedness for EmComms means the ability to operate and talk to others inside and outside your immediate area for informational purposes.  When the Internet is down, the street lights are off and information is no longer available via the normal channels, HAM radio operators who have prepared for such an off-grid scenario are going to be the lifeline of information. If this sounds interesting to you, then come on in and lets talk about it!
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    Please join / post to this list if you want to talk about items related to prepping / realist mindset. Some on the core emailing list do not appreciate posts that are not directly related to OFF GRID COMMS such as peripheral topics like OPSEC, securing comm sites, camouflaging your antenna system, etc.
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