Modimying a mediocre HT antenna?

Greek Man

So I came to the possession of a mediocre V/U HT antenna, a copy of the SR901.
Being that I will try to cut it for the 220MHz band, but I am perplexed as if it too long or too short .
It has a base loading coil as all do, and a middle loading coil.
this is what perplexes me. I assume that the antenna from the middle coil Down works for the UHF, the whole length for the VHF

Took some reading with my SWR meter.
200MHz - 4.5
220MHz - 9.8
240MHz - 11.3
260MHz - 15.1

142MHz - 3.2
146MHz - 3.0
150MHz - 2.8

in the UHF, the SWR, in similar fashion, drops as the frequency gets larger.

so do these make it long or short for the 220Mhz band?
V/U performance tells me that it is short (as Chinese antennas always do).

What do you think?

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