Electrical System #Solar


I have started building my off grid system.  I have some batteries that I can charge by plugging into the house system with a small charger.  What I want to be able to do is have a system that uses solar, generator and eventually wind electrical generation.  I would like the system to be able to go between generator/shore power and wind/solar as seamless as possible.  I want to be able to charge the batteries from the generator when there is little to now wind or solar for extended periods and to possibly have a small and as efficient as possible ac to keep the radios and pis cool in the shack.

What are good ways to do this? 

Eventually my entire house will be off grid, but that will take time.  I am starting with my ham shack to be completely off grid, but have my generator be able to power the house lighting and other minor systems when power goes out.  Here in the desert southwest we really like our a/c in the summer, but large central ac systems and even window units use large amounts of electricity.

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