Re: Update on the mag-loop antenna

randall krippner

I'm told that they are directional, but personally I haven't really noticed it. When I rotate the antenna I see no difference in the S meter readings on receive. I suppose I should do some testing and see. Would be easy enough to check with PSK Reporter if there are changes in signal strength depending on orientation.

One thing I found interesting - I was told that this antenna can have problems with 40 meters, but that hasn't been the case in my situation. Works beautifully on 40 with an SWR of about 1.2:1 if I'm careful when tuning. On 20 meters, on the other hand, it does considerably worse. Best SWR I can get on 20 is about 1.7:1. Of course considering I'm running it in a room full of equipment, wires, electronics, etc just a few feet away from it, the environment almost certainly is having some kind of effect.

Of course JS8/FT8 is the only reason I'm getting out this well. I suspect the results would not be as impressive using SSB

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